CHASS Connect: 2006 - 2007 Sequences

Global Culture/Local Culture

Through the disciplines of Anthropology, Literature and Music, the Global Culture, Local Culture CHASS Connect Sequence will re-conceptualize the meaning of place in the contemporary world. Using the transnational interaction of people through global migrations, immigration, exile, displacement and emergent technologies, students will engage with the contingent meanings of identity, mobility and community. In the Spring quarter, students will reflected on their new sense of place through the development and implementation of their own final project: a podcast.


Inside/Outside examines the notions of normal. What does it mean to be normal? From normal sexual behavior to the tensions in American culture between conformity and independence to the politics of dislocation through migration, immigration and exile students will ask: what does it mean to be inside or outside a culture? How does race; sexuality; class; immigrant; exile effect one’s notions of “normal?”


These are four hot button topics in the United States today. How do we as a group make decisions about any of these when we all want different things? The Public/Private CHASS Connect sequence explores the roles political institutions play in our decision making. In Winter quarter, Political Scientist Martin Johnson examines who political institutions stabilize the choice we make and how they may construct biases. During Spring quarter, Historian Catherine Allgor will investigate the specific use of marriage as an instrument of state power. These Courses are for CHASS freshmen only and fulfill a Social Science and additional Humanities breadth requirement.