CHASS Connect: 2007 - 2008 Sequences

The Empire Within

Professors from English, History and Dance examine the experiences of the colonized subject in the land of the colonizer. Students will explore what happens when these different cultural and ethnic groups meet in Europe or the United States. What does London, Paris or Chicago look like to a person from East India or West Africa? How does the presence of these ethnic others change Europe or the United States?

Reconstructing Democracy

Professors from English, Religious Studies and Ethnic Studies examine the formation and development of Democracy in the United States of America. Students will explore the nature of American Democracy through the voices of racial / ethnic minorities. What does democracy mean to a Native American who has been stripped of his sovereignty, an African American freed by manumission or the Emancipation Proclamation, or a convicted felon in his Folsom prison cell? How has American democracy been changed by political expedience, economic desire, or racial prejudice?

Cost of AIDS

Professors from Women’s Studies, English, and Film and Visual Culture will examine the cost of AIDS from the global population to the individual. Students will explore how models of gender and sexual identity influenced or were influenced by the AIDS pandemic. How did/doe homophobia effect economic, medical, cultural responses to the AIDS crisis? How did/does AIDS change sexual activity?