CHASS Connect: 2008 - 2009 Sequences


The three courses which make up the Media, Diversity, and Childhood CHASS Connect sequence reflect on childhood experiences. When you have completed the sequence at the end of the year, you will have fulfilled 3 college breadth requirements; you will have explored the effects of Media (writings, movies, television among others) on growing up; you will have written your own childhood memoir. The discussions of childhood will provide you with the means to critically assess your own personal growth, to recognize the value of difference, and to make informed decisions about critical issues.

Fall 2008
Literature, Tiffany Lopez

The course focuses on Chicana/o growing-up narratives, including short stories, novels, memoirs, children's literature, essays, drama, and films. Our readings and discussions will explore the ways Chicana/o writers address issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality from an adolescent point of view. Some of the questions we will consider: What is so powerful about growing-up narratives? Why do stories about the growing-up experience, even when clearly labeled as fiction, get read as autobiographies? How do growing-up narratives engage with questions of culture, community, individuality, education, and literacy?

Winter 2009
Psychology, Rebekah Richert

In this course we will research and evaluate the influences media has on child development. In particular, we will explore the effects of using various kinds of media, including television, video games, and computers on social, emotional, cognitive, and health development.

Spring 2009
Creative Writing, Juan Felipe Herrara

We will explore "Natural Voices" -- new ways of writing books for young audiences by focusing on story-telling, cultural life, poetry, bilingual narratives, day-to-day experience, and the challenges that children face in today's society. The treatment of voice, time, plot, character, and story structure will be key.