CHASS Connect: 2011-2012 Sequences

Environmentalism: Are we Earth's stewards?

Your year-long CHASS Connect sequence will analyze our relationship to the environment. You will start with an examination of the arguments within environmental political theory and ask what is the relationship between nature and society? You will explore the paradoxical vision of America as a “howling wilderness” and a “Garden of Eden.” You will end the year by working through the different versions of environmentalism and creating your own response to the environment.

The Environmentalism sequence will fulfill 3 College Breadth Requirements, or graduation requirements: Political Science, Literature, and Creative Writing (Fine Arts).

Your faculty will be Farah Godrej, Political Science; Geoff Cohen, CHASS F1RST/English; Susan Straight, Creative Writing.

Your year-long sequence will fulfill the following 3 College Breadth Requirements or graduations requirements: Literature, Humanities, Fine Arts (Literature, History, and Theater).