CHASS Connect: 2011-2012 Sequences

Politics and Culture in Latin America

Your year-long CHASS Connect sequence will analyze the relationships between politics and culture in Latin America. You will begin by identifying the political systems and problems of the region, then shift to explore the rich literary history through the works of Jorge Luis Borges and Mario Vargas Llosa, and end with an auditory journey through the region’s music and politics from national anthems to bawdy carnival skits.

The Latin America Sequence will fulfill 3 College Breadth Requirements, or graduation requirements: Political Science, Hispanic Studies (Literature), and Music (Fine Arts).

Your faculty will be David Pion-Berlin, Political Science; Raymond Williams, Hispanic Studies, and Jonathan Ritter, Music.

Your sequence will fulfill the following 3 College Breadth Requirements or graduation requirements: Fine Arts, Social Sciences, and Literature (Media and Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, and Literature).