CHASS Connect: 2011-2012 Sequences

Rethinking Black Culture

Your year-long CHASS Connect sequence will take you on a journey through the histories, literatures, and popular cultures of Black Culture. Beginning with an examination of the black athlete, the sequence will explore evolving notions of blackness, socioeconomic and demographic shifts, and the emerging research on Black Culture.

The Rethinking Black Culture sequence will fulfill 3 College Breadth Requirements, or graduation requirements: Sociology, Ethnic Studies, and Literature.

Your faculty will be Scott Brooks, Sociology; Jayna Brown, Ethnic Studies, and Erica Edwards, English.

Your sequence will fulfill the following 3 College Breadth requirements or graduation requirements: Social Science; Political Science; Fine Arts (through Women’s Studies, Political Science and Media and Cultural Studies). Students are expected to remain in the sequence/program for the full three quarters.