CHASS Connect: 2011-2012 Sequences

Trendy - Fashion, Style and Consumption

Your year-long CHASS Connect sequence will explore the function of Fashion in society. We all respond to the newest trends whether from a desire to be cool, fashionable, individualistic, or humorous. You will begin the year by discussing debates about Roman togas, the development of knightly plate armor and its relationship to contemporary suits. You will also examine contemporary trends such as hot rods/car culture, punk, and the LA LBGT club scene. The journey will end in Paris and explore its mystique as the city of fashion in an age of consumption.

The Trendy sequence will fulfill 3 College Breadth Requirements, or graduation requirements: Literature, Media & Cultural Studies (Fine Arts), and Comparative Literature (Additional Humanities).

Your faculty will be Andrea Denny-Brown, English; Derek Burrill, Media & Cultural Studies; Heidi Brevik-Zender, Comparative Literature.

Your sequence will fulfill the following 3College Breadth Requirements or graduation requirements: Fine Arts, Anthropology, Humanities (Art History, Anthropology, and Music).