CHASS Connect: 2011-2012 Sequences

Understanding Islam in a Time of Change

Your year-long CHASS Connect sequence will introduce you to the multitude of voices and interpretations of Islam. As we watch the exciting changes sweeping across Africa and the Middle East, an understanding Islam will be essential to making our way in the new global economy. In the Understanding Islam sequence, you will study and discuss the beginnings of Islam, the construction of femininity and masculinity in the imaginations of the West and in predominantly Muslim societies, and the relationships between Islam and politics.

The Understanding Islam sequence will fulfill 3 College Breadth Requirements, or graduation requirements: Religious Studies, Women’s Studies (Social Science), and Political Science.

Your faculty will be Muhamad Ali, Religious Studies; Sherine Hafez, Women’s Studies; Ebru Erdem, Political Science.

Your sequence will fulfill the following 3 College Breadth Requirements or graduation requirements:  Literature, Biological Science, Humanities (Literature, Biology 3, and History).