Statistics for Pre-Business PATH Program: Sping 2015

Students enrolled in Ethnic Studies 001 during the Spring of 2015 were invited by CHASS F1RST to complete an online survey that assessed students’ first year experiences. Students enrolled in this course included students enrolled in the Pre-Business PATH Learning Community and students who were not enrolled in a CHASS F1RST learning community (N = 357 students). Out of these invited students, 69 students completed the online survey (63 in pre-Business PATH program, 6 not in a learning community). The pre-business PATH program has the same academic structure as all First-Year Learning Communities. This community provided students with introductions to other business-oriented classmates and provided the opportunity to develop key networks and skills necessary to be successful in business. In addition, students developed a personalized educational plan (PEP) with the help of trained peer mentors and CHASS F1RST staff. Below are the results from the online survey for the pre-business PATH students.

1. Students learned ways to get involved on campus.

2. Students achieved their first-year goals.

3. Students learned about and obtained the resources they needed.

4. Students feel like they belong.

5. Students learned in a supportive community.

6. Students like their learning community.

7. Students rate their learning community, instructors, and peer mentors.