CHASS Connect


CHASS Connect Learning Community

The national award-winning CHASS Connect learning community is available for students who self-select to participate. Students participate in an interdisciplinary, themed learning community with high levels of interaction with faculty and a graduate teaching assistant, and personalized advising. You will learn effective educational practices that increase your chances of success at UCR. Diversity, academic success, and social enrichment are emphasized.


  • Understand how different disciplines pose questions and view the world
  • Heighten critical thinking skills
  • Learn how to “do college”
  • Connect with fellow students and CHASS faculty
  • Fulfill one breadth requirement course each quarter
  • Voluntary, award-winning, and no extra fees 


  • Open to all CHASS majors (except pre-business)
  • Have a desire to learn and succeed in college
  • Must commit to one year in the program
  • Attend course lectures (twice a week), discussion sections (once a week), and a peer-led workshop (once a week)
  • Meet with faculty, teaching assistants, and peer educators at least once per quarter
  • Attend four campus events per quarter (choose from academic lectures, dance and music performances, plays, art exhibits, athletic events, wellness events, professional development events, and more). See events.

Example Schedules

Bodies of Knowledge, Knowledge of Bodies Theme

In a world of “alternative facts,” how we obtain knowledge is controversial. Venture through diverse sites of knowledge by examining archives (collected material records of the past on paper or in other forms); the history of undocumented: a history without papers; and the body as an archive through scarifications, tattoos, and other markings. Explore these contested sites of knowledge production and consumption rooted in power relations.

Fall Winter Spring
CHFY 001I – History Course
CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop
CHFY 002G – Media & Cultural Studies Course
CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop
CHFY 003E – Anthropology Course
CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop

Democratic Illusions Theme

Some say that the United States is a democratic nation and that a democracy provides the best opportunities for the most people; however, some do not agree. Explore the inherent instability of democracies through imagined post-apocalyptic worlds by comparing the crisis of democracy in both developing and wealthier countries. Learn how the visual representations of the United States as art are used to create or critique the mythology of our democratic nation.

Fall Winter Spring
CHFY 003K – Gender & Sexuality Studies Course
CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop
CHFY 003G – Political Science Course
CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop
CHFY 002J – Art History Course
CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop

For more information, please contact us at (951) 827-2742 or You may also stop by our office in HMNSS 1614, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.