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HASS 001 Student Success Course

Transfer Student Success Course - Fall Quarter Only 

HASS 001 is a two-unit course offered in the fall, designed through research provided by UCR’s transfer population and the study of best practices for transfer student transition.  The Director of CHASS F1RST and four peer educators that are transfer students with first-hand experience lead the class. They will provide transfer students the tools necessary to ensure a successful transition to UCR by helping them develop and strengthen critical thinking, study, writing, and communication skills.

Transfer students will have accessibility to focused and personalized advising, and an infrastructure of support on behalf of the peer educators. Students will have the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships and identify potential faculty and staff mentors. The class will stimulate students’ understanding of the structure, purpose and function of UCR as a research institution and the roles of faculty, students, administrators, and the community in the formation of the political, social and educational culture of the campus.  With the help of the peer educators and the program director, students will design an academic plan that will integrate them into UCR, direct them towards success and avoid the traps of transfer shock.

First-Year Student Success Course - Winter Quarter Only 

HASS 001 is a two-unit course offered in the winter which is intended for students who had difficulties adjusting to college during their first quarter at UCR. This course involves weekly readings, writing assignments, and class discussions dealing with factors relating to academic success. HASS 001 addresses the social and psychological adjustments to college life, as well as investigates a wide range of academic disciplines and campus student support services. Students in this course will develop a plan to make the most of their university experience and learn to take personal responsibility and initiative for their education. Lastly, based on school reports of second year retention and graduation rates, students in HASS 001 were 2.49 times more likely to continue on to their second year and were 4 times more likely to graduate compared to students who did not enroll in HASS 001 (Palbusa, 2014).


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