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Students and instructors write and talk about their experience in CHASS Connect and the First-Year Learning Communities.  Read directly from some of our students about what they have to say about CHASS F1RST.

Peer Educator Experiences


What are some responsibilities of a Peer Educator?

"As a Peer Educator we are responsible of conducting workshops with an assigned partner. They have a big role with guiding students to do good in college and finish in four years therefore, if anything is getting in the way (example: personal or well being issues) then we are there to help them, guide them to resources available for them and be that support system they need along the way"

Rosa Ibarra


Tell us 3 things you have taken away from your experience as a Peer Educator and how it has impacted you today. Please include how long you have had this position and your major?

"I have had this position for 2 years and I am a business major. 1. Situations  can change very quickly, and the best way not to stress yourself out is by going with the flow of things. 2. Each person is different, and needs to be treated differently. 3. When explaining something, everyone will not get it the first time"

Eric Kubler


How did you hear about the Peer Educator Program and what was the process of becoming a Peer Educator at CHASS F1RST?

"I heard about it through my two peer mentors when I was in CHASS Connect. The process was super easy. I had to fill out a form like any other job, had an interview, and I was lucky enough that they liked me and asked me to join in and register for the Spring training class"

Laura Lopez

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