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CHASS FIRST - First Year Experience


CHASS Connect: Sequences

National Award Winning First Year Program

      • Learn how to do College
      • Explore the possibilities of an University education
      • Connect with other students
      • Fulfill 1 breadth requirement course each quarter
      • Voluntary – you chose to participate
      • No extra fee
      • CHASS Connect will not be offered in the 2018-2019 Academic Year, but be on the lookout for CHASS Connect for 2019-2020 Academic Year


      • A desire to learn and succeed in college
      • A year-long commitment to the program
      • Attendance of Course lectures (twice a week), discussion sections (once a week), and a peer-led workshop (once a week)
      • Meet with faculty, teaching assistants, and peer mentors at least once a quarter
      • Four campus connected events per quarter: choose from academic lectures, dance and music concerts, plays, art exhibits, athletic events, wellness, professional developments

Best Practices

      • The program uses research to discover the best practices for student success and achievement.
      • Create opportunities for students to engage with faculty and campus to promote satisfaction, skills, persistence to graduation.
      • Connect students to resources for developing skills, expanding possibilities, fulfilling individual goals, and personal growth


 In a world of ‘alternative facts,’ how we obtain knowledge has come under attack. The Bodies of Knowledge/Knowledge of Bodies sequence explores diverse sites of knowledge by examining archives: collected material records of the past on paper or in other forms; the history of undocumented: a history without papers; and the body as an archive through scarifications, tattoos, and other markings. Throughout the year, you will explore the different archive(s) as contested sites of knowledge production and consumption that are rooted in power relations.
Fall 2017 Winter 2018  Spring 2018

CHFY 001I – History Course

CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop


CHFY 002G – Media & Cultural Studies Course

CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop


CHFY 003E – Anthropology Course

CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop


The United States believes itself to be a Democratic nation and that a Democracy provides the best opportunities for the most people. Democratic Illusions seeks to understand the inherent instability of Democracies through imagined post-apocalyptic worlds, by comparing the crisis of democracy in both developing countries and wealthier countries, and by exploring the visual representations of the United States as art is used to create or critique the mythology of our democratic nation.

Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
CHFY 003K – Gender & Sexuality Studies Course


CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop

CHFY 003G – Political Science Course


CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop

CHFY 002J – Art History Course


CHFY 007 – CHASS F1RST Workshop

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