Student Success Courses


HASS 001- Step-By-Step to College Success


If you are a new transfer student nervous about your transition, HASS 001 can help.

HASS 001 (the Transfer Student Success Course) is offered fall and winter quarter for new incoming transfer students. It’s a two-unit course taught by CHASS F1RST professional staff.

The HASS 001 course addresses the social and psychological adjustments to college life and helps you discover campus support services. During the course, you develop a plan that will help you stay healthy academically and socially.

You will:

  • Strengthen your critical thinking, study, writing, and communication skills
  • Benefit from focused and personalized advising
  • Have an automatic infrastructure of peer support
  • Establish meaningful relationships with faculty and staff
  • Understand UCR as a whole
  • Design an academic plan to avoid “transfer shock” and succeed

Students who take HASS 001 are four times more likely to graduate compared to students who don’t (Palbusa, 2014).

Learn more about HASS 001 in the course catalog.