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CHASS FIRST - First Year Experience

Transfers First Program

Transfers F1rst

Transfers F1rst provides workshops, resources, and mentoring to ensure that students are equipped for a successful transition. The Transfers F1rst Program holds workshops that assist students by raising awareness of campus resources and academic activities. The workshops promote effective educational practices and campus engagement, which increases transfer students chances of success at the University of California, Riverside.




CHASS Transfers F1rst aims to provide beneficial information to help transfer students navigate their life at the University of California, Riverside. We provide valuable resources that are to be used to mold the kind of college experience each individual student desires. Transfers F1rst can help students attain short-term goals and give students a vision and direction on how to achieve their long-term goals. Through the networks we help transfer students establish, they will be able to enjoy a college experience that will be invaluable to their student life, and carry over into their professional career.

If interested in becoming a Transfers F1rst Mentee or Transfer Mentor email Transfer 1st at for an application.

For more information, please contact Transfers F1rst:

dMayra Hernandez Coordinator 
Telephone: (951) 827-3593

Visit Transfers F1rst on Social Media: @Transfersf1rst

Office Hours

Coordinator - Fall 2018 TBA



Benefits of joining

Transfers F1rst

  • Success 
  • Integration 
  • Empowerment 
  • Develop Skills
  • Campus Involvement 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Build Relationships
  • Avoid Transfer Shock

Transfer Mentor Program

The Transfers F1rst Transfer Mentor Program is designed to provide support and guidance to incoming students as they adjust to their transition from community college to a 4 year university. Incoming transfers are paired with senior transfer student peers who help them navigate their first quarter here at UC Riverside.

A Transfer Mentor can guide new students: 

  • Connect to campus services and resources
  • Discover efficient time management strategies
  • Make wise choices that will lead them toward their goals 
  • Create action plans to achieve their academic and career goals
Why join the Transfer Mentor Program?
  • Student mentees become familiar with campus services and resources
  • Develop the skills and habits of independent, life-long learners
  • Student mentors develop and refine valuable skills, such as leadership and interpersonal communication skills

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