Transfer Mentorship Program


Transfers F1RST- Transfer Mentorship Program

The Transfer Mentorship Program is a quarter-long commitment to your success (offered in fall and winter quarters for transfer students who are CHASS majors).

  • You are paired with tenured CHASS transfer mentors who know what it is like to transition to UCR.
  • You will meet with your transfer mentor throughout the quarter and work with your mentor to complete a bucket list:
    • Attend a professor’s office hours
    • Visit your academic advisor
    • Attend a Transfers F1RST workshop
    • Engage in a campus event
    • Meet with your transfer mentor bi-weekly
    • Complete a survey for reflection and feedback

For more information on the Transfer Mentorship Program, please contact

Application Process

To apply for the Fall 2020 Transfer Mentorship Program as a new transfer student or Mentee, please fill out the application below.

Transfer Mentorship Application

To be considered for the Fall 2020 Transfer Mentorship Program you must be:

  • An admitted transfer student into the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Beginning your first quarter with UCR in Fall 2020

The application process is a two-part process, fill out the first form above (Part 1), and then early September 2020 you will be emailed another form to complete (Part 2). Completion of both parts and attendance at the Virtual Mentorship Orientation (date TBD) secures your spot in the program.