Transfer Workshop

Transfer Year Experience


Transfer Year Experience (TYE)


Year-Long Experience for Continued Support 

CHASS transfer students can choose to continue to partner with the CHASS Transfers F1RST Program throughout the rest of their first year at UCR by submitting an application for the Transfer Year Experience (TYE). The TYE Canvas course will open in Winter 2024. 

For the 2023-2024 TYE Application Click Here 

The TYE will consist of:

  • Peer Support - One-on-one Appointments with Transfer Ambassadors
  • Community Building Activities - Socials, Mixers, Study Sessions, Networking, Celebrations, etc.
  • Professional Development Workshops - Letter of Recommendations, Grad School, Internships, etc.
  • Personal Development Workshops - Time Management, Academic Self-Help, Financial Aid, Self-Care etc.

CHASS transfer students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the academic year if they successfully complete the following: 

1) HASS 001 (Transfer Learning Community) or UCR Honors Learning Community Course

2) A minimum of 2 one-on-one meetings with a Transfer Ambassador

3) A minimum of 1 Community Building Activity 

4) A minimum of 1 Professional Development Workshop

5) A minimum of 1 Personal Development Workshop 

6) Meet with a professor or teaching assistant at least once during the academic year

7) Meet with your academic advisor at least once in the academic year and 

8) Connect with at least 1 UCR campus resource during the academic year 

9) Participate in a minimum of two Discussion Boards per quarter and

10) Complete End of Program Survey

Benefits of Participating 

By participating in the Transfer Learning Community (TLC) and Transfer Year Experience (TYE)……

You will increase your:

  • Preparedness for a Research University 
  • Engagement with the UCR community
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Network of UCR Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Awareness of Campus Resources
  • Diverse Perspectives